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The European Cyber Security Month is an annual, EU sponsored event where companies across the EU take time to raise awareness for cybersecurity. This year, PentestHero is participating, with a special discount for our followers, plus a few quick tips you can incorporate into your security policy right now.

The ECSM is the European version of an international cyber security month, asking businesses to check policies, reevaluate strategies, and patch vulnerabilities. This European Cyber Security Month 2020, PentestHero is here to help you evaluate, improve, and patch your security so your organization stays safe online.

How Safe is Your Business?

Cybersecurity awareness is about understanding risks. For most organizations, that means conducting a risk assessment, using regular pentesting to evaluate the security of online assets, and using a security policy to control employee behavior and risks. Risks naturally vary considerably depending on your industry, business profile, income, and security measures. You need an assessment to understand which factors are important for you and which are not. You need pentesting to understand which areas of your business are vulnerable to human hackers. …

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Most estimates suggest that almost 20% of the web runs on WordPress . That makes sense considering the CMS is simple, affordable, and relatively secure. WordPress offers out-of-the-box customization and functionality that you won’t find anywhere else. At the same time, the very themes, plugins, and add-ons that make WordPress customizable increase security risks. The small-to-medium businesses that normally run WordPress are also especially vulnerable to attack, with some 43% of all cyberattacks aimed at this demographic.

Regularly pentesting WordPress properties can help you to ensure your websites stay secure. This is especially important for e-commerce and B2B organizations, or anyone processing sensitive data. Breaches can result in loss of trust, massive expense, loss of website and data, and lengthy settlements with any affected parties including vendors, customers, and employees. …

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With over 200,000 organizations operating in Microsoft Azure environments, public cloud has undoubtedly come to the forefront of application and data management. Security is one of the many reasons hundreds of thousands of organizations now build, test, deploy, and manage applications in Azure environments. With little patch management, no real physical security, and Microsoft itself taking most of the brunt of security and compliance, moving to Azure can greatly lighten your security workload. At the same time, you will eventually have to pentest the applications in your Azure environment, for compliance and for security.

Why Pentest Azure Environments?

You’re probably aware that Microsoft regularly pentests Azure. Why would you pentest it as well? Microsoft only pentests their own infrastructure . Client applications are never tested. So, Microsoft ensures the security of the infrastructure. Application security is completely up to you. …


Pentest Hero

PentestHero is a cybersecurity firm delivering penest-as-a-service in the cloud.

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